Program (pdf)

The following presentations are presented here with the permission of the authors. They are as pdf files.

The Application of the Public Trust Doctrine to the Lower Gila River
Joseph Feller and Joy Herr-Cardillo

Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Project, Phoenix, Arizona: Water Supply Development Summary
Gary M. Gin, Andrew Messer, D. G. Blair Linford, and Gary Corbell

Preliminary Investigation of Microclimate on the Rio Salado Project
Anthony J. Brazel, Wendy Bigler, Jeremy Callaway, Alan Church, Matt Conley, Donna Hartz, Brent Hedquist, Heather Kinkade-Levario, Shourasen Roy, Nancy
Selover, and Jian Zhang

Riparian Vegetation Community Development along the Effluent-Receiving
Salt River near Phoenix, Arizona

Roy J. Marler, Duncan T. Patten, and Juliet C. Stromberg

Quantitative Study of Riparian Vegetation Changes on the Verde River, 1934 to Present
Craig Sommers, Liz Payson, and Aleta Powers

Cottonwood-Willow Stand Structure on Regulated and Unregulated Reaches of the Verde River, Arizona
Vanessa Beauchamp and Juliet C. Stromberg

Riparian Vegetation Water Needs: Stressor-response Model for Assessing Riparian Ecosystem Condition, Case Study of the San Pedro River, Arizona
Sharon Lite and Juliet Stromberg

Water Desalinization Plant: Is It for Arizona, the Western United States, the World – Or Is It a Mirage Dancing in the Desert?
Brad Vandermark