Julie Stromberg sitting in a mesquite tree with inset of bee and mesquite podsJulie Stromberg, Emeritus Professor, Arizona State University and former President of the Council will present “Bringing Home the Wild: A Riparian Garden in a Southwest City”.

Gardeners, botanists, and ecologists have powerful roles to play in implementing nature-based solutions to critical environmental issues. Many of us are concerned about the rapidly changing climate and the ongoing threats to food security, declines in pollinators and birds, and loss of connection between humans and nature. Many want to act. Backyard gardens are a good place to start.

For the past twenty years, the author, with her partner, has been tending a four-acre patch of riparian land in south Phoenix and photographing the creatures who live there. The garden is multifunctional: in addition to providing habitat for hundreds of species, it moderates the climate, serves as food forest, and provides ecotherapy. In this talk,Dr. Stromberg will read passages from her newly published book (Bringing Home the Wild: A Riparian Garden in a Southwest City) and discuss the tenets of ecological gardening in urban cities.

Please RSVP to cindy.zisner@asu.edu. We will attempt to do a Zoom, link will be sent on reminder to those who have RSVPed.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023
5:30-6:30 p.m.
Biodiversity Knowledge Integration Center
734 W. Alameda Dr
Tempe, AZ 85282

The Speaker Series is co-sponsored by the Biodiversity Knowledge Integration Center, Arizona State University

Arizona Riparian Council Speaker Series: Julie Stromberg