This page contains information concerning issues affecting riparian areas. The Council will provide information that is of special interest to our members. The Council is not an advocacy group, but one based on science and factual information.

Triennial Review of the Clean Water Act (2017)

Challenges to Clean Water Act (2015)
Letter to Congressmen

SB1478 (03/2014)

Riparian paper 1
Riparian paper 2
Riparian paper 3

The Arizona Riparian Council and Audubon Arizona have formed a cooperate agreement in support of one another (05/12/08)

Fossil Creek Information from American Rivers (09/04/05)

Governor Napolitano’s Water Listening Meetings (12/16/04)

November 18, 2004 in Scottsdale. Vice President Tom Hildebrandt attended the first meeting representing the Council.
December 14, 2004 in Tucson, Julia Fonseca, Water Issues Committee Chair, attended. Click here for the written comments submitted.

Fossil Creek (1/22/2004)
ARC comments on the Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the Clean Water Act (04/08/03)
Yuma Desalinization Plant (11/28/2003)
Yuma Desalinization Plant – Bypass Flow and Colorado River Delta (11/07/05)
Rio Salado Oeste Comments (08/01/06)
Letter to the Editor (09/11/06)